Jan 152011

A few months back, the government has announced that a new MRT system is to be constructed around Kuala Lumpur to ease traffic congestion around the capital. Speculations are flying around on the actual route to be developed. Below is the image of the new MRT lines integrated with existing line:

According to reports, the project will cost around RM36.6bil (not including land acquisition and rolling stocks). There would be sevaral phases in this project. According to reports, first phase would involve the Sungai Buloh-Kajang (thru City Centre and Kota Damansara) route and construction should begin in July 2011. This line will cover around 60km and 35 stations, of which 20% of it will be underground. Final list of stations was not announced yet, but below is one of the speculations of the proposed stations.

With these info, I would see that property prices around the stations would inflate and this would be a great opportunity to grab some property within that area.

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  1. when the final route would be anounced esp puchong area(sri petaling line) you know?

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